Friday, April 12, 2013

Pretty Things Come In Small Packages . . . . . .

The whole idea of actually getting involved in something like this was such a far fetched idea, a pipe dream. Really, wasn't it just something I wanted to do, but probably wouldn't? Something always comes up at the most inopportune time. This time it was a very unexpected cataract in one eye. How's that for timing? I'm not even in the "normal" age group for this to be happening! Finally decide that I am going to follow my passion for jewelry, then this? Major downer for sure. A mere 5 days before sign ups for BSBPH I had the surgery. Didn't really matter for the hop since I didn't even have a blog at the time. So, a non-blogger, who was frustrated at not being able to see the way she used to, was already trying to figure out how to forge ahead. One thing for sure, I just couldn't give up on my passion for jewelry! I would figure something out, somehow. Through my blurry little eye that was on the mend, I was keeping up on all things jewelry related. Yes, including those fabulous girls on FB in BSC who had a wealth of knowledge and camaraderie to boot! Woo hoo, obviously, between being able to see again and being one of the "lucky" FB non bloggers to be picked, this was meant to be! First, I was beside myself, nervous who and where my partner would be. Then, anxious about my de-stash and if she would even like the contents of the soup or not. Followed by, oh, I hope I can do her beads justice. I know they really mean something to her. Wow, feeling weird now wondering if my partner would like the "pretty" beads. Clearly, I needed a lesson on beauty and it was indeed a beautiful lesson! My partner is such a sweetheart. She is Erin Honeycutt from North Carolina.

Erin sent me the prettiest envelope and card. Inside the card she had the most unique thing I've ever seen. Every bead in her fabric and bow wrapped bundle meant something to her. It was so awesome to sit and read. First, I read the whole thing......ok, with a little bit of leaky eyes here. Then, I carefully opened her package. With the beads in front of me, I touched each one as I re-read her card, matching each description with the proper bead. Bless her heart, somehow, I felt as if I was a part of her life. Like I was welcomed in on things that were so special to her in her life. Here are a few snippets to give you an idea of what was sent and why. The pendant is a stone from Lake Erie which is Erin's "favorite place on earth". She drilled it herself with a gold and diamond dentist drill bit at the dentist where she works. She then took two of her favorite stones, garnet & amber, and wrapped them with the stone using sterling plated wire for the focal. The two paper beads were made by her and her kids and happen to be from the pages of an old National Geographic. Her kids are real cuties! The freshwater pearls are left from the necklace she made for her wedding. She had made her dress and her jewelry! How awesome is that! The white and red glass beads were from the second strand of a two strand necklace that was assembled by her best friend. She still has the other full strand and wears it often. I love how she said at the end how everything else just "fell" in the soup and "simmered" well!

Erin and I are set for the Third Reveal of the BSBPH scheduled for April 20th. Please come check out how we have done for our first time in the Hop. I don't know about Erin but the second reveal is set to begin tonight and I have yet to sit down and ogle everyone's creations. Why?
....I wanted to have a blog up and running.....check!
....I wanted to start a separate FB page for jewelry interests.....check!
....I wanted to actually get a website for future use(who knows?).....check! 
....I wanted to have my pieces for the hop done so I knew they would be only my ideas.....check!
....I wanted to get these bead mixes and partner posted before I got the reveal posted(lol).....check!
....I wanted to respond to comments and suggestions from my very first blog well wishers.....sheepishly says, "working on it"!
Thank You though and I will be getting to that!
You can find me at Daisy Meadow Studio on FB too!

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  1. Great jewelery. I really like this last necklace. Sounds like you had lots of fun, that is great.