Friday, April 12, 2013

Oh, What Big Eyes . . . . . .

When my children were growing up and in their teen and beyond years, I always made more food than was needed. That was how it was supposed to be, right? After all, that's the way I grew up. Ahhhh, those past memories from a family with those big old Sunday dinners that have long since passed. There's something about making enough for an army, then having extra to send a meal's worth of leftovers home with each family. Home-cooked hospitality I guess? Does anyone do that anymore besides at the holidays? Hmm, anyhow, back to topic at hand..... I never knew who had to work, who had school functions, or if I would be feeding the extra friends who had tagged along home. Then there always was the proverbial "heads in the fridge" later, looking for leftovers for lunches and work. But now, jeez, I'm an empty nester and I should know how to control myself! Well, old habits die hard and every now and again, I get in a rambunctious mood to cook and stock up that freezer. So, here's a quick question. Do you ever feel that when you're getting ingredients together, you don't have enough?  I always grab extra of this or that. Surely I can't be the only one!  Did you ever hear the old adage "your eyes are bigger than your belly"? Yeah, well I certainly did(literally), and to top it off that's the way I tend to cook when that mood strikes. Keep adding, keep adding, keep adding, until my pot runneth over. Well, that's the way I do soup, Bead Soup!

In analyzing my huge soup and chili kettles, as well as casseroles and lasagna that filled the oven, some things make more sense to me now. No wonder I was starting to loose control of my bead soup. I just kept adding and adding. I must say that I surely did not realize how many beads and stones I actually have on hand. Accckk, I even took a bunch of things out! It was heavier than I thought to mail but I think I did a great de-stash, so well worth it! Included in the mix were: A Slice of Agate, Fire Agate Cylinders, Coffee Jasper, Red Banded Agate beads, Coral Agate nuggets, several various shell beads, nuggets & chips, miscellaneous mixed beads, Silver Toggle and Silver plated handmade copper beads.

My adorable partner, Erin Honeycutt, hails from North Carolina. We are both 1st timers and are in the "new trial" Facebook group 3rd reveal set for April 20th.  You can see the yummies Erin sent me in my next blog. Even though Lori Anderson had no paperwork on us and how to pair us up, she did a wonderful job. I believe Erin is more used to working in smaller proportions and I, in a little bit bigger proportions. So, the challenge was great for us both, setting us up to learn to work within different parameters. I just can't wait to see what beauty she has come up with. I'm sure I sent her enough stones to outfit her whole town with though! Like I said, old habits die hard and I just kept on adding & adding to that "durn little old soup mix"!

Thanks for taking the time to read my very new blog. I'm learning so much along the way!
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