Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Say Never . . . . . .

     Welcome to my very first blog! I never thought that I would ever blog. About anything! Really, it was more of a "what the heck would I ever blog about that would be of any interest " that stumped me. I suppose a little journaling never could hurt anyone. No one really HAS to read it or for that matter like it...... but I knew I would still take care in writing it. I love most any handmade jewelry, so hmmmm, maybe.......and why not? The mainstay of my blog diet these days is following gals from all over the world creating soups. Yummy soups and calorie free at that. These soups have made me drool, time and time again. I love to learn, create and explore so I believed it was time to stop hoarding and make something. Yes, I like soup, but you don't want to eat this kind. The way to participate is to first have a blog. Lord Almighty, I now have a blog! I can participate with these ladies! Here's an explanation if I've managed to lose you.

     Bead Soup Blog Party Hop was the brainchild of Lori Anderson. Liking the idea of doing a bead swap, her rural location posed a smallish issue. Why not do a virtual party? Viola'! This brilliant girl and her fistful of beads hit the ground running! The idea is to trade some of your extra beads with others to destash/refresh your own collection. This started out with just 26 people. The party has grown to over 500 people from 25 plus countries in slightly over three years. The actual bead soup consists of a focal, a clasp and some extra beads that will create a "soup". Partners exchange their soups and make jewelry from each others mixes. You can also add some of your own ingredients to mingle the flavors for something unique. It's meant to be a challenge to think outside the box and get you out of your comfort zone. Lori takes extra time visiting blogs to possibly introduce partners to others different techniques. It's never to late to learn something new.

     To learn more about the very first Bead Soup, Lori has written a book of the experience. Bead Soup: 32 Projects Show What Happens When 26 Beaders Swap Their Stash is already in its second printing since being released 6 months ago. I am a huge fan of this amazing woman and highly recommend this to any jewelry designer or anyone who even wants to dabble with jewelry.

Lori Anderson's beautiful and inspiring book on creating with bead soup.*
     So now, to the "reveal" part of the Blog Party Hop. On a predetermined date everyone posts their creations on their own blog and "hop" around to other blogs to see what they've made from the soups they've received. This has grown so big, that even though Lori had to put a cap on the amount of participants, there still has to be several reveal dates. Staggering reveal dates helps everyone find the date that suits them best as well as spreading out the blog hopping times. This is where the amazement and awe comes in for me. I love seeing the (raw)soup then the finished piece(pieces). You can make one or a whole bunch of pieces, as long as you incorporate the clasp and focal somewhere. I hope to make several! Did I even mention that you keep what you make? Yes-sir-ee, you actually are designing for yourself. Some of us don't do that very often. The last two reveal dates have changed to April 13th & April 20th. My next blogs will be about my partner and our soups, followed up with our creations!

     I am so excited to be participating in my very first Bead Soup Blog Party Hop! I was one of the few that were picked for a trial Facebook run. I think my husband thought we won something when I found out I would be participating......... oh, but I did! This came along at the perfect time in my life. Thank you. No, Really, Thank You!!!!

    BSBPH = abundant hope, new goals, extreme satisfaction!!!!

by Lisa Lloyd Harrison (newbie blogger/souper)
*photo attributed to Lori Anderson's prettythingsblog
Still trying to figure this all out!


  1. A wonderful first blog post Lisa, you're all set to go. I'm third reveal but really interested in seeing all the blogs too
    Lorelle from

  2. You're going to be wonderful at blogging the way you can tell a good story. Can't wait to come back for your bead soup reveal. Love the background of your blog too.

  3. Hey Lisa, have fun blogging! I'm in the third reveal, too, but love to see the things from th other reveals. I'm blogging since 2008 and although the topics changed I always enjoyed it.

  4. Have fun blogging. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your bead soup.

  5. Welcome to WWOB (the wonderful world of blogging)!
    You are going to do great. Your first post is terrific and fun to read. I'm looking forward to following you and seeing your bead soup.I would like to follow you automatically through Google connect but I can't find the gadget to sign up. Maybe you could add it, please.

  6. Welcome - this is the best party ever! I'm in the second reveal as well. See you then.

  7. Congratulations on your blog! Seeing so many of you starting new blogs is encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone & join the party! Thanks for the story & the inspiration!

  8. Well done on making a's a lot of fun. I didn't join up for the bead soup this time around but have done two previously. I will be eagerly browsing though!

  9. Oh wow...tears. You wrote such lovely things....Thanks!!!