Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm Hurrying Up. . . . .

Excitement is in the air and I know so many of you have been out hopping over the weekend. Sadly, I missed the deadline for the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop. I've beaten myself up trying to finish everything in time. Just ask anyone that has been around me lately! All those grandiose designs in my head don't always work the way I want them to. One strand was torn apart so many times due to a gauging issue on my part. Then there was the obstacle with trying something way out of my usual style and comfort zone. I sure hope the saying "all good things take time" will be appropriate at the end point. I love the beads I picked and I hope you will enjoy them, too. I have the beginning pictures of course and my piece is nearly done. I have to run to pick up 2-triple hole bars at my local shop yet, take the final pictures and finish that blog. I will figure out the blogger picture posting by the end of the week as that is the part that messes with me the most! Please check back to see what I came up with and let me know what you think about it. I would really appreciate your thoughts and tips.

It's been silly, crazy here the last few weeks. My apologies to any visitors, guests, overnight guests, relatives, crazy relatives, etc.....that I may have __________(fill in blank)! Apologies also to all the blog hoppers out there as well, that came looking, but found nothing. I realized that my option in those last few days of stressing & being alone in the studio vs making memories with friends & family, I just had to take the latter. All is quiet on the home front now, even the hubs had to go out of town.

It's just the beads, Ollie the cat and me! YAY!

Thanks for understanding and don't forget to check back, too!
I'll also make sure to post on the group FB site as usual when its finished!
Hugs, Lisa


  1. Post pictures when done ,I will visit .Good luck and don't get stressed things happen.

  2. Who hasn't been up against a deadline, and just couldn't make it. Will be waiting for you at the finish line ;o)

  3. We will wait for your wonderful design!!! I have been late before too!!! I use blogger had some help with putting the pics on. If you want some help just let me know!