Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bead Soup #7: 3rd Reveal Group

First, I would like to welcome you to my first time participating in a Bead Soup Blog Party Hop. I am also one of the new trial run Facebook participants. It just so happens that I now have gotten a blog up and running to participate in more blog hops. I hope I can keep up with you seasoned bloggers! Second, I must invest in a camera that can handle what I want it to do. Frustration was getting the best of me after having so much fun with creating with my Bead Soup. I've done my best to try to describe what's going on but great pictures would have been better. Less typing for me anyway! After many hours of  loading and previewing this blog I was fighting the tears but I am sure it is all in the aggravation of not knowing what I am supposed to be doing to make this an easy process. And of course the pictures......again. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I really did have a blast and am ready to get my blog hop on!

I knew where I wanted to start right from the beginning. My partner, Erin Honeycutt, had sent some of the white freshwater pearls that were left from when she made her wedding jewelry 10 years ago. From my stash, I pulled some tiny green colored freshwater pearls to complement. Now what? There were some clear cut glass or crystal beads in the soup so I went with the clear, natural and green, Peridot chips. Then I saw the sweetest single little Hematite bead in the soup and knew I had many various shapes and sizes that I could add. There, I had the beads ready, just wanted to see what clasps I had yet and then I would be able to start some designing. Looking through all my little snap boxes wasn't too bad as I am pretty organized. I just hadn't seen them for awhile. Ohhhh, ahhhh, I love dragonfly's! There was a dragonfly toggle and some tiny dragonfly beads to add to the bracelet to tie it all together. I used beading wire and crimp tubes to connect everything. I must admit that crimps scare me sometimes. I just don't trust them as much as wire wraps. The bracelet is a combo of one link going into three with three embellished paddles hanging near the toggle.

The Green Dragonfly

Now that I've gotten my feet wet, I had best get moving on more pieces! I was so happy with my first Bead Soup Jewelry piece that I ever made that I needed to snap back to reality fast. You see, I hadn't used the focal or the closure sent in my soup mix yet. That is a must in the rules. Well, at least when I sorted the beads for the bracelet, I had grouped the rest of the beads to where I wanted them. One of the challenges for me with the soup was that I wasn't used to working with very small beads. You can see I pretty much got over that with the Green Dragonfly bracelet. Where you have small beads, you have equally small holes...... Now, that was a challenge! The darker oval shaped beads are a amethyst color and vary in sizes. I paired them with smokey gray crystals to pull the gray tones from the toggle. Here comes another first, wire wrapping with copper. I'm a silver girl, but I keep my granddaughter in copper. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I used just a little. The white beads I used in this were parts from a broken necklace. If I have this right it was one of a two strand necklace, given to Erin and made by her best friend. She still wears the other strand often. I'm so glad to have her as a part of my new bracelet, too. Then I just ended up adding some brassy pewter beads for length and did all my wire wrapping and curly q's. The toggle needed to blend in with all of that a little bit more so I went fishing again for some thinner copper wire and just added it for continuity. Another one done and I am feeling a sense of accomplishment!

Copper Dangles Bracelet
Goodness, I am having fun! Now on to the wonderful focal Erin has created just for me. I wish you could all see it in person. The pebble she picked up in Lake Erie and drilled herself has tiny little sprinkles of shiny in it. It sparkles when the light hits it, so more silver seemed appropriate. Erin had incorporated garnet and amber with it and wrapped it with sterling wire as well. What a wonderful choice! From her soup, I had five amber color beads, one lone white bead and four red glass beads left from the broken, best friend necklace, that will look great in there. I laid things out on my board and started the task of filling in the spaces while trying to keep the soup pieces towards the front of the necklace. Let me just make one thing perfectly clear. I am glad I am a bead hoarder! Whew, that felt good to confess...... It really is convenient to just go shopping in your own studio. So I pulled out the SS wire, SS jump rings, and pewter beads. Then I added some golden amber discs, dark amber roundels and two really dark coral beads. I didn't really have a "plan" but I knew what feeling I was going for. The start was to make the focal drop down a little more. After that I added the long beads to branch it out similar to a Y necklace. The soup mix beads came next to stay close to the front. I made some chainmaille knots and linked them together for a little dimension. I decided to do a couple sections with beading wire, amber discs, spacers, seed beads and crimps. Then I did a couple more sections using the amber roundels the same way, mainly because I wanted some interest up in the length. I linked them together with the wire wrapped coral and pewter. To finish the length off, I just did simple jump rings in a two-one-two pattern to a simple lobster clasp. And Ta-Da, done!

Erin's Erie Escape

I had planned on a pair of earrings to use the paper beads that Erin and her kids made out of old National Geographic Magazines. Unfortunately, I need to find the perfect beads to go with them. I may NEED to go shopping!!!!!

Now please go visit my partner Erin Honeycutt to see what she's created with her Bead Soup!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Pretty Things Come In Small Packages . . . . . .

The whole idea of actually getting involved in something like this was such a far fetched idea, a pipe dream. Really, wasn't it just something I wanted to do, but probably wouldn't? Something always comes up at the most inopportune time. This time it was a very unexpected cataract in one eye. How's that for timing? I'm not even in the "normal" age group for this to be happening! Finally decide that I am going to follow my passion for jewelry, then this? Major downer for sure. A mere 5 days before sign ups for BSBPH I had the surgery. Didn't really matter for the hop since I didn't even have a blog at the time. So, a non-blogger, who was frustrated at not being able to see the way she used to, was already trying to figure out how to forge ahead. One thing for sure, I just couldn't give up on my passion for jewelry! I would figure something out, somehow. Through my blurry little eye that was on the mend, I was keeping up on all things jewelry related. Yes, including those fabulous girls on FB in BSC who had a wealth of knowledge and camaraderie to boot! Woo hoo, obviously, between being able to see again and being one of the "lucky" FB non bloggers to be picked, this was meant to be! First, I was beside myself, nervous who and where my partner would be. Then, anxious about my de-stash and if she would even like the contents of the soup or not. Followed by, oh, I hope I can do her beads justice. I know they really mean something to her. Wow, feeling weird now wondering if my partner would like the "pretty" beads. Clearly, I needed a lesson on beauty and it was indeed a beautiful lesson! My partner is such a sweetheart. She is Erin Honeycutt from North Carolina.

Erin sent me the prettiest envelope and card. Inside the card she had the most unique thing I've ever seen. Every bead in her fabric and bow wrapped bundle meant something to her. It was so awesome to sit and read. First, I read the whole thing......ok, with a little bit of leaky eyes here. Then, I carefully opened her package. With the beads in front of me, I touched each one as I re-read her card, matching each description with the proper bead. Bless her heart, somehow, I felt as if I was a part of her life. Like I was welcomed in on things that were so special to her in her life. Here are a few snippets to give you an idea of what was sent and why. The pendant is a stone from Lake Erie which is Erin's "favorite place on earth". She drilled it herself with a gold and diamond dentist drill bit at the dentist where she works. She then took two of her favorite stones, garnet & amber, and wrapped them with the stone using sterling plated wire for the focal. The two paper beads were made by her and her kids and happen to be from the pages of an old National Geographic. Her kids are real cuties! The freshwater pearls are left from the necklace she made for her wedding. She had made her dress and her jewelry! How awesome is that! The white and red glass beads were from the second strand of a two strand necklace that was assembled by her best friend. She still has the other full strand and wears it often. I love how she said at the end how everything else just "fell" in the soup and "simmered" well!

Erin and I are set for the Third Reveal of the BSBPH scheduled for April 20th. Please come check out how we have done for our first time in the Hop. I don't know about Erin but the second reveal is set to begin tonight and I have yet to sit down and ogle everyone's creations. Why?
....I wanted to have a blog up and running.....check!
....I wanted to start a separate FB page for jewelry interests.....check!
....I wanted to actually get a website for future use(who knows?).....check! 
....I wanted to have my pieces for the hop done so I knew they would be only my ideas.....check!
....I wanted to get these bead mixes and partner posted before I got the reveal posted(lol).....check!
....I wanted to respond to comments and suggestions from my very first blog well wishers.....sheepishly says, "working on it"!
Thank You though and I will be getting to that!
You can find me at Daisy Meadow Studio on FB too!

Oh, What Big Eyes . . . . . .

When my children were growing up and in their teen and beyond years, I always made more food than was needed. That was how it was supposed to be, right? After all, that's the way I grew up. Ahhhh, those past memories from a family with those big old Sunday dinners that have long since passed. There's something about making enough for an army, then having extra to send a meal's worth of leftovers home with each family. Home-cooked hospitality I guess? Does anyone do that anymore besides at the holidays? Hmm, anyhow, back to topic at hand..... I never knew who had to work, who had school functions, or if I would be feeding the extra friends who had tagged along home. Then there always was the proverbial "heads in the fridge" later, looking for leftovers for lunches and work. But now, jeez, I'm an empty nester and I should know how to control myself! Well, old habits die hard and every now and again, I get in a rambunctious mood to cook and stock up that freezer. So, here's a quick question. Do you ever feel that when you're getting ingredients together, you don't have enough?  I always grab extra of this or that. Surely I can't be the only one!  Did you ever hear the old adage "your eyes are bigger than your belly"? Yeah, well I certainly did(literally), and to top it off that's the way I tend to cook when that mood strikes. Keep adding, keep adding, keep adding, until my pot runneth over. Well, that's the way I do soup, Bead Soup!

In analyzing my huge soup and chili kettles, as well as casseroles and lasagna that filled the oven, some things make more sense to me now. No wonder I was starting to loose control of my bead soup. I just kept adding and adding. I must say that I surely did not realize how many beads and stones I actually have on hand. Accckk, I even took a bunch of things out! It was heavier than I thought to mail but I think I did a great de-stash, so well worth it! Included in the mix were: A Slice of Agate, Fire Agate Cylinders, Coffee Jasper, Red Banded Agate beads, Coral Agate nuggets, several various shell beads, nuggets & chips, miscellaneous mixed beads, Silver Toggle and Silver plated handmade copper beads.

My adorable partner, Erin Honeycutt, hails from North Carolina. We are both 1st timers and are in the "new trial" Facebook group 3rd reveal set for April 20th.  You can see the yummies Erin sent me in my next blog. Even though Lori Anderson had no paperwork on us and how to pair us up, she did a wonderful job. I believe Erin is more used to working in smaller proportions and I, in a little bit bigger proportions. So, the challenge was great for us both, setting us up to learn to work within different parameters. I just can't wait to see what beauty she has come up with. I'm sure I sent her enough stones to outfit her whole town with though! Like I said, old habits die hard and I just kept on adding & adding to that "durn little old soup mix"!

Thanks for taking the time to read my very new blog. I'm learning so much along the way!
FB at Daisy Meadow Studio

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Say Never . . . . . .

     Welcome to my very first blog! I never thought that I would ever blog. About anything! Really, it was more of a "what the heck would I ever blog about that would be of any interest " that stumped me. I suppose a little journaling never could hurt anyone. No one really HAS to read it or for that matter like it...... but I knew I would still take care in writing it. I love most any handmade jewelry, so hmmmm, maybe.......and why not? The mainstay of my blog diet these days is following gals from all over the world creating soups. Yummy soups and calorie free at that. These soups have made me drool, time and time again. I love to learn, create and explore so I believed it was time to stop hoarding and make something. Yes, I like soup, but you don't want to eat this kind. The way to participate is to first have a blog. Lord Almighty, I now have a blog! I can participate with these ladies! Here's an explanation if I've managed to lose you.

     Bead Soup Blog Party Hop was the brainchild of Lori Anderson. Liking the idea of doing a bead swap, her rural location posed a smallish issue. Why not do a virtual party? Viola'! This brilliant girl and her fistful of beads hit the ground running! The idea is to trade some of your extra beads with others to destash/refresh your own collection. This started out with just 26 people. The party has grown to over 500 people from 25 plus countries in slightly over three years. The actual bead soup consists of a focal, a clasp and some extra beads that will create a "soup". Partners exchange their soups and make jewelry from each others mixes. You can also add some of your own ingredients to mingle the flavors for something unique. It's meant to be a challenge to think outside the box and get you out of your comfort zone. Lori takes extra time visiting blogs to possibly introduce partners to others different techniques. It's never to late to learn something new.

     To learn more about the very first Bead Soup, Lori has written a book of the experience. Bead Soup: 32 Projects Show What Happens When 26 Beaders Swap Their Stash is already in its second printing since being released 6 months ago. I am a huge fan of this amazing woman and highly recommend this to any jewelry designer or anyone who even wants to dabble with jewelry.

Lori Anderson's beautiful and inspiring book on creating with bead soup.*
     So now, to the "reveal" part of the Blog Party Hop. On a predetermined date everyone posts their creations on their own blog and "hop" around to other blogs to see what they've made from the soups they've received. This has grown so big, that even though Lori had to put a cap on the amount of participants, there still has to be several reveal dates. Staggering reveal dates helps everyone find the date that suits them best as well as spreading out the blog hopping times. This is where the amazement and awe comes in for me. I love seeing the (raw)soup then the finished piece(pieces). You can make one or a whole bunch of pieces, as long as you incorporate the clasp and focal somewhere. I hope to make several! Did I even mention that you keep what you make? Yes-sir-ee, you actually are designing for yourself. Some of us don't do that very often. The last two reveal dates have changed to April 13th & April 20th. My next blogs will be about my partner and our soups, followed up with our creations!

     I am so excited to be participating in my very first Bead Soup Blog Party Hop! I was one of the few that were picked for a trial Facebook run. I think my husband thought we won something when I found out I would be participating......... oh, but I did! This came along at the perfect time in my life. Thank you. No, Really, Thank You!!!!

    BSBPH = abundant hope, new goals, extreme satisfaction!!!!

by Lisa Lloyd Harrison (newbie blogger/souper)
*photo attributed to Lori Anderson's prettythingsblog
Still trying to figure this all out!